[Imps] Liberal XML parsing

James Graham jg307 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Jan 8 09:27:09 PST 2007

Sam Ruby wrote:

> What I WOULD be interested in hearing opinions on is what would be the 
> best way to maintain this code going forward: could it live as a 
> separate module within html5lib repository?  Should it be a separate 
> repository?

I'm open to hosting it in the same repository; the only issue that I see is that 
people may conflate the two parts and be put off downloading html5lib because 
they think it is a liberal XML parser or xhtml5lib because they think it is a 
html-only project.

> If separate, are there some changes to the tokenizer in 
> particular that could be made that would either directly enable this 
> usage or would make it easier to monkey-patch for usage by xhtml5lib?

Assuming the patches needed don't cause severe regressions in the code 
readability or performance of html5lib I think the existing tokenizer would be 
the right place to apply them.

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