[imps] Is it me or an error in the current draft?

Thomas Broyer t.broyer at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 16:19:46 PST 2008

Is it me or the 29th test from tree-construction/tests6.dat causes an
endless loop?
It passes in html5lib (r1117) and I can't explain why... I'm updating
Twintsam for the latest HTML5 draft and have this endless loop
problem, although I can't find where I'm wrong... Following the
algorithm in the current draft, it seems there really is an endless
loop (i.e. I can't find when the insertion mode switches to something
different than "in column group"... or should the "end tag whose tag
name is colgroup" case be understood such that it always switch to the
"in table" insertion mode even in fragment case?)

For the record, the test is:
Line: 1 Col: 3 Unexpected end tag (colgroup). Ignored.

Thomas Broyer

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