[imps] Cross browser automated tests

Sylvain Pasche sylvain.pasche at gmail.com
Wed May 21 11:31:23 PDT 2008

Jeff Walden wrote:
> Sylvain Pasche wrote:
>> As a starting point, the testing environment and API would need to be 
>> defined. I'm thinking of the following requirements:
>> * Possible for browser vendors to integrate these tests in their 
>> testing frameworks
> Hrm, I neglected to mention this on the other thread, but this 
> requirement can't fly.  It discourages creating libraries for common 
> testing functions (or even just for non-testing functions, e.g. how 
> Mochitests all have access to the entire MochiKit framework) and using 
> them declaratively (hardcoded <script> versus dynamic addition with 
> callback schemes), which just makes life harder if you're writing tests.

Not sure if I've understood correctly what you mean here.  If we say 
that this common API consists of including a testapi.js file, which 
should contain ok(), is(), ... functions, you can still include other 
libraries containing common testing functions in your script header. 
These libraries would need to call the low level test functions from the 
testapi.js file.

The implementation of the ok() function would be specific to the 
underlying testing framework (that could be an alert() for tests 
published on a Web site, or would call dump() when running in Mozilla 
runtests.py for instance).

For the non-testing functions, each testcase could include the 
Javascript library they want (MochiKit, jQuery, ...)


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