[imps] Generating a DOM implementation from IDL

Jari Bakken jari.bakken at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 13:35:25 PST 2009


I'm working on version 2.0 of a browser automation tool written in
Ruby (http://www.watir.com/). Since the tool has a DOM-like API, I've
been toying with the idea of having part of the code generated from
the HTML5 spec to keep maintenance low. I think this should be pretty
simple, especially since Watir isn't a complete DOM implementation
(basically all I need is a map of tag name to a list of type-annotated

I started off by looking at the RelaxNG schemas (from
https://whattf.svn.cvsdude.com/syntax/trunk/relaxng), but have given
up on those since they don't contain any type information. What I
really need is the <pre class="idl"> parts from the spec itself, but
as data, not text.

So I'm looking for opinions on what would be the best way to approach
this. Perhaps microdata could be added to the IDL parts? I'm not
really an expert in this field, but I'd be happy to contribute my time
if it at some point it boils down to just doing the work. :)

I'd also be interested to hear if someone has tried something like
this before (especially if it's open source).


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