[imps] Parse errors in implementation tests

Jim Evans james.h.evans.jr at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 11:18:11 PDT 2010

I posted a question on the html5lib-discuss list about this, but I thought
I'd cast a little wider net and ask here as well. I'm working on an
open-source (MIT license) .NET (C#) implementation of an HTML5 parser, and
am leveraging the html5lib unit tests, much as the validator.nu Java
implementation does. I'm no expert in any of these languages, but it looks
to me like there is no parse error validation in any of the Java, Python, or
PHP implementations that also use these tests. Or, more correctly, there is
the ability to validate parse errors, but it has been disabled in the test
harnesses for each implementation. Is there any implementation that uses
these unit tests that also validates parse errors as documented in the

--Jim Evans
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