[imps] some doubt with offline web applications

huangxueqing huangxueqing at baidu.com
Thu Nov 3 02:19:41 PDT 2011

Hi guys:

         I have some doubt with main resource’s loading in offline web app.

         As said in html5 specification: “if the resource’s URL is a
master entry, the manifest, an explicit entry or a fallback entry in the
application cache, then get the resource from the cache instead of fetching

        A main resource(such as a main page of a web application) has been
modified in server while manifest file didn’t, in other words, web browser
will not update all resources(include main resource) cached in local. 

Let me give a instance to illustrate this problem: a web app consists of
demo.html, demo.manifest, style.css, action.js, when demo.html add some new
functionality and the author forgot to modify demo.manifest, the user never
enjoy new functionality until local cache was cleaned manually. It seems to
a bit weird.

         I think main page so import that we should treat main resource as a
FALLBACK of manifest compulsorily rather than normal resources such as css
just like: 


         demo.html       demo.html

in manifest. It should be fetched from network if possible, to be replaced
by the corresponding fallback entry if not. 

         BTW, I am a developer of web browser, and prepare to implement
offline web applications in baidubrowser, I will appreciate any guys who
give me suggestions.







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