[imps] validator front end not talking to servlet

Michael[tm] Smith mike at w3.org
Fri Apr 19 03:59:05 PDT 2013

Rancid Iodine <rancid.iodine at gmail.com>, 2013-04-19 10:07 +0100:

> This doesn't mean the option doesn't work, but I had to download missing
> .pngs to the checker/validator/site directory

Don't do that. The build script manages the contents of those directories.

> python build/build.py --w3cbranding --port=8888 --local run

Please instead do this:

  python build/build.py --w3cbranding all

You need to specify "all" in order to have the build script pull updates
from the bitbucket repos for the validator.

Once you've done that and your local environment is updated, you don't need
to specify the "--local" option any longer. Also, port 8888 is the default
port, so you don't need to explicitly specify that. You only need to use the
--port option if you want the validator to listen on a port other than 8888.


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