[imps] Static xhtml5 analysis with validator.nu

Javier Pavón Cabrera javier.pavon at scytl.com
Tue Jan 15 04:08:42 PST 2013

At our company we are trying check files for html5 polyglot conformance, 
and after researching we found out the only open source implementation 
in java that does this is validator.nu. We intend to use the 
validator.nu to validate a local html5 file, and possibly later wrapping 
it inside a maven plugin

The first impression at high level is we can initialize the validator in 
some way, then call the validator passing our html5 file and the output 
would be a list of errors found in some format.

But, after trying this for some hours it is not clear if this is 
possible, since it seems the validation process is very coupled to a 
servlet (and request, response). So my question is: do you think it is 
reasonable to try to use validator.nu in this way? And if so, could you 
please give some indications on how to achieve it?

Best regards,

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