[imps] Using a custom schema with validator.nu local copy

Jeremy Whiting jeremy.whiting at collabora.com
Mon Mar 4 16:30:03 PST 2013


I have been able to use validator.nu service locally with quite a bit of luck 
so far and it performs very nicely, however just today I started looking into 
adding our own schema to validate based on a custom html5 subset and found it 
very confusing.  All the preset schemas point to http urls that don't seem to 
exist when trying to load with a web browser (http://s.validator.nu/html5.rnc 
gives a 404 error for example) and specifying my own schema url on 
http://localhost/my.rnc fails also, because it seems to be expecting xml 
rather than rnc format for some reason. (I copied html5.rnc to my.rnc on my 
local web server as a test).  So here are my questions:

1. How can one specify a custom schema to validate html against?  and what 
format (xml, rnc, etc.) is the schema supposed to be in?

2. How can one add a preset schema that can be loaded as part of the validator 
web service itself?  For example if I want to server my.rnc as part of the 
validator.nu service which runs at localhost:8888 how can I specify that in 
the presets.txt file? http://localhost:8888/my.rnc doesn't load either, though 
it is in place at validator/schema/ at 'build/build.py build' time

Best Regards,
Jeremy Whiting

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