[whatwg] [web-forms] Add ACCESSKEY to SELECT

Matthew Raymond mattraymond at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 13 07:10:50 PDT 2004

Anne van Kesteren wrote:
>>    I think the biggest reason some browsers have non-standard support 
>> for |accesskey| on the <select> element is that many people don't use 
>> <label> to label controls, and don't use <label>'s |accesskey| instead 
>> of <input>'s as recommended in the HTML 4.01 specification. Many 
>> webmasters simply use pure text as a label and use |accesskey| 
>> directly on the controls with no regard for whether the control 
>> element has an |accesskey| attribute or not.
> Like I pointed out in the other mail, by example, this isn't always 
> possible.
> That workaround does not apply in all cases and isn't suitable for that 
> reason.

    Could you please post a link to the email you refer to, or the 
original example, that shows a situation where <label> and its 
corresponding |accesskey| attribute cannot be associated with a control 
to provide an access key for that control. I myself cannot think of a 
situation where that is the case.

> The specification is just fine. If something should change, it would
> be the tutorials that are supposed to teach people correct markup.
> (There are far to few good tutorials on the web. When I searched a
> local  Google for XHTML, the first result I got was a translation of
> an English article published with MS Frontpage.)

    Perhaps we should get volunteers to write tutorials for HTML5 in 
cooperation with WHATWG...

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