[whatwg] [html5] thoughts

Anne van Kesteren fora at annevankesteren.nl
Sun Aug 22 13:27:28 PDT 2004

Since there probably will be a DTD[1] and possibly a HTML 5.0 
specification that combines the several specifications that are created 
right now I was thinking if some other aspects of the DTD could be 
upgraded as well.

Things that would be nice to have for example are having the ID, CLASS 
and TITLE attributes "globally", as in available for every element.

Currently you can't "legally" have an ID attribute on the HTML element 
in HTML 4.01, while you do need it in some occasions.

Of course, such changes should probably not include making backwards 
incompatible changes, but deprecating certain attributes from the HTML 
table module might be an option. (Only suggesting here...)

It would be nice to know what the WG thinks of this. Will the WG 
restrict themselves to extending Web Forms and Web Applications in HTML 
or will some other aspects, that are less relevant (for this WG, at 
least), be addressed as well?


  Anne van Kesteren

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