[whatwg] comments on Web Forms 2.0, 27 June 2004

Anne van Kesteren fora at annevankesteren.nl
Mon Aug 23 03:06:58 PDT 2004

>>> * 2.1 Extensions to the input element, last paragraph -- "The size
>>> attribute of the input element is deprecated in favour of using CSS to
>>> specify the layout of the form." This approach isn't used elsewhere
>>> (i.e., AFAICT, other similar situations don't result in deprecation).
>> I'm not aware of any similar situations.
> e.g.,
> 2.4 "The rows and cols attributes of the  textarea element are no longer 
> required attributes."
> 2.6 "The form element's action attribute is no longer a required 
> attribute. If omitted, the default value  is the empty string, which is 
> a relative URI pointing at the current  document (or the specified base 
> URI, if any)."
> Elsewhere, you just loosen requirements, whereas size is deprecated.

While I can see reasons to deprecate ROWS and COLS (I would like to see 
them being deprecated as well), I'm not sure why you want ACTION to be 
deprecated. What if the form is in '/contact' and the form processer is 
in '/contact/processor'?

  Anne van Kesteren

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