[whatwg] Re: Web Forms and Web Apps specs both have b0rked HTML comments

Malcolm Rowe malcolm-what at farside.org.uk
Fri Aug 27 09:51:09 PDT 2004

dolphinling writes:
> In Web Forms around section 7.12 and Web Apps around section 8.1.1, 
> there's some weird stuff going on with the comments; the w3c validator 
> complains and Firefox has strange syntax highlighting. The code looks the 
> same in both.

At least in WF2, this seems to be caused by an embedded HTML comment. 
There's a large block of HTML in a comment (including the 'DOM3 Load and 
Save' note), and within that, the text 

 semantics of <code>method</code> and <code>enctype</code>
 attributes: -->" 

which prematurely ends the comment in both browsers (strange, as I would 
have thought that Firefox would have just considered the part quoted above 
to be outside the comment - which it does - and the part following to still 
be part of the comment - which it doesn't seem to). 


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