[whatwg] Re: <object> form controls

Malcolm Rowe malcolm-what at farside.org.uk
Sun Aug 29 11:40:20 PDT 2004

Ian Hickson writes:
>> I can see no reason that an <object> might not be used to allow the user 
>> to edit (for example) a spreadsheet, SVG diagram, or rich-text field. 
>> Simply because the majority of plugins are output only doesn't mean that 
>> they all have to be.
> True. But plugins aren't going to work reliably across platforms anyway, 
> so aren't a real solution to anything here.

They aren't a solution for everybody, agreed, but that doesn't mean they 
might not be a solution for some people. Let's not prevent some people from 
using <object> as a form control simply because we don't think it's the 
'right' way to do it. 

(Are we talking at cross-purposes? I wasn't proposing <object> as a 
WHATWG-related solution...) 

>> (From a technical point-of-view: Can [Netscape] plugins actually provide 
>> data for form submission? I didn't think they could, so in practice, 
>> this may be restricted to ActiveX controls).
> I don't think the NPAPI currently supports that. But if it did, it could 
> just as easily have a way of saying "handle labels that point to me like 
> this".

How do labels relate to <object>-based form controls? 

ah, I've come in half-way through another thread, haven't I?  I wasn't 
suggesting anything remotely related to <label> controls, just asking about 
<object> as a form control.  Sorry for any confusion. 


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