[whatwg] comments

dolphinling dolphinling at myrealbox.com
Fri Dec 31 08:26:50 PST 2004

Sorry for not posting this sooner, I've been without an internet 
connection for almost two weeks :'(

There are a bunch of things you've noted "for future versions" that I 
think could be easily put into WF2 without breaking anything else.

  * password and confirm password: can we have a way to do client-side
    validation of this?
  * <input type="search">
  * being able to select date range (from day x to day y)
  * indicate "x days ago" or "y days into the future" rather than date
  * input control for anniversaries
  * only submit fields that have changed
# Oh, did someone suggest this before me? I wasn't expecting to find it 
in here...
  * have a way of marking the first option of a <select> as the default
    but have it not satisfy a new required="" attribute on <select> so
    that you can have selects that require a valid value.
  * type="time" value="now"
# is this pageload or submission? Can we get one for each?
  * <fieldset enabled-if-checked="myCheckboxOrRadioButton">
    ...to allow sections to only be enabled if a radio button makes it
    relevant, for instance.

There are a few others that were borderline, too, anyone else might want 
to look through themselves.

Also, in the repetition model, I _REALLY_ don't like the repeat 
attribute applying to arbitrary non-form-related elements. It seems 
incredibly hackish to me--why should trs, ps, lis, etc. get a new 
attribute just because forms have been updated? I'd much prefer that the 
new attribute only apply to fieldsets, and those can be wrapped around 
the stuff you want repeated (which is actually correct semantically, too).

There may have been a few more comments I wanted to make, I'll look around.

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