[whatwg] Some questions to WF2

Olav Junker Kjær olav at olav.dk
Thu Dec 9 04:49:39 PST 2004

Thanks for all the answers!

 >>OTOH I think it is a bit strange that buttons support validation:
 >>validate(), validity, validationMessage etc. How can a button be
 > This is mainly so that you can loop through the form.elements array
 > and not worry about checking that each control is not a button.

Okay, but then the output element should also support the validation 
interface. I think it is confusing that elements which dont support 
validation exposes e.g. the setCustomValidity() method. I would prefer a 
flag isValidateable or something like that, which could be checked 
before accessing the validation interface.

Olav Junker Kjær

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