[whatwg] I dont like "successful"

Olav Junker Kjær olav at olav.dk
Sun Dec 12 13:53:30 PST 2004

> Ian Hickson wrote:
> It needs two things -- whether the control is going to be checked, and 
> whether it is valid. You can have invalid controls that won't stop 
> submission (e.g. because they are disabled).

Right, there is need for a flag to indicate if a control should be 
validated and take part in submission. It should be true if:
- the control has a name
- the control is of a relevant type (e.g. not output, fieldset, button 
type=move-down etc.)
- the control is not disabled
- the control is not part of a repetition template or in a datalist

However, this flag should *not* be dependent on the constraints or 
current value of the control, since this is the concern of validation.

So this is different from the current definition of "successful" with 
respect to checkboxes, radiobuttons and file fields.

Olav Junker Kjær

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