[whatwg] Bot protection

Matthew Thomas mpt at myrealbox.com
Mon Dec 27 19:03:12 PST 2004

On 28 Dec, 2004, at 1:51 PM, Robert Accettura wrote:
> ...
> <captcha type="multi">
>  <option method="img" type="text"/>
>  <option method="audio" type="text"/>
>  <option method="esp" type="text"/>
> </captcha>
> In the above, the UA would realize human interaction is needed.  It 
> has been given a choice of 3 options and enter text based upon them.  
> This way a visually impared person can choose to never use an img.  
> And a deaf person can choose never to use audio.
> ...

What does this do that HTTP's Accept: header doesn't already do? If you 
have a sight impairment, your screenreader can (and should) tell 
servers that you prefer audio to graphics, so you can be served audio 
captchas instead of graphical ones.

Alternatively, you could use nested HTML <object>s for this (provided 
that the text, image, and audio tests had the same answer, since the 
server couldn't tell which one was being used). <object> isn't yet 
implemented properly in released versions of Safari, or Internet 
Explorer for Windows, but it's still implemented in more browsers than 
any element that hasn't been invented yet.

Matthew Thomas

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