[whatwg] Wish: Restrict Image Size on Upload

what at keepthebyte.ch what at keepthebyte.ch
Tue Dec 28 14:53:14 PST 2004

On Tue, 28 Dec 2004 14:46:08 +1300, "Matthew Thomas" <mpt at myrealbox.com>
> Should UAs be able to restrict uploads based on the bit depth of 
> images? (For some purposes only 1-bit images are desired.) How about 
> based on whether images are animated or not? (Some forums may want 
> avatars to be non-animated only.) How about based on the number of 
> pages in a PDF or RTF document? (Job application forms may want resumés 
> to be no more than /n/ pages.) How about based on the sample rate of 
> audio files? Or on the framerate of video files? At what point do you 
> say "okay, that's the server's job, not the client's", and why?
> (Keep in mind that any restriction done by the client will still have 
> to be done by the server as well, to guard against buggy or malicious 
> UAs.)

True statements. The more information we add into the mark-up code - the
more precise the UA can guide the user to choose and upload the content.
Covering "all" use cases would be way to much - making an educated guess
on witch use cases are widespread would be enough (and help mum and dad
to enjoy using the browser = better usability)

Another idea: how about a "compress" flag - the UA compresses (zip) the
file/s before sending - that could reduce upload time dramatically and
improve user experience. The document management system vendors would
love this feature.

Keep the byte.


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