[whatwg] call-for-comments draft of Web Forms 2.0

Sébastien Poitrasson sebpjee at yahoo.fr
Sun Dec 19 14:45:07 PST 2004

My comments deals with the validation form.
Using an ECMA function will be in conflict with accessibility rules. If 
js is desactivated etc...
Why not include directly a kind of 'required type' form / input , with 
an input type for a database field type.
For exemple in a database you can have int(11) fields or UNIXTIMESTAMP 
fields. So we could have
a <input type="unixtimestamp" value="" required="required">.
Then the browser could check the type and the required type on submit 
and return false if needed.
Moreover, according to the xml header language, a message could be 
directly diplayed or better, creating tags error
for example :

<msg type="error" for="name of the reference input id" value="What you 
typed is not a valid date format" />
Those messages, in a return false submition case could be automaticaly 
displayed where they are in the page.

So these are some ideas... but the aim is to make forms easily 
accessible for blind for exemple. Training and chatting about accessibility
with web developpers is sometimes tricky. If the tool which is used does 
it natively, or without many efforts this could be great.
Thank for reading my ideas, and I appologize for my English mistakes if 
it's the case :)

bye bye and Merry Xmas if ever you celebrate it.

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