[whatwg] Re: internationalization/localization

Martin Kutschker Martin.T.Kutschker at blackbox.net
Thu Jul 1 00:40:58 PDT 2004

"Malcolm Rowe" <malcolm-what at farside.org.uk> writes on 
Wed, 30 Jun 2004 14:50:08 +0200 (METDST):

> > So I vote for either some kind of pattern (eg format="d.m.y") or some
> > style type (eg format="compact" => "1.12.2003" or format="long" =>
> > Mittwoch, der 30. Juni 2004", or some other types).
> An explicit pattern is bad for i18n, obviously, but 'short' and 'long'
> (or whatever) formats would certainly make sense. However, this is now
> definitely presentational, and so it should be a CSS property, not an
> HTML attribute. 

Ok. Let's drop the pattern.

And CSS is fine for me. As I understand this this would be Web Controls 1.0?

But WC1 is not in a very good shape right now. I hope it's getting somewhere when WF2 is ready.

CSS-property "date-format:"

inherit | short | medium | long

defaults to "medium"

Display a date in short, medium or long manner according to the UAs locale.

And for the more ambituos :-)

CSS-property "date-style" (or "calendar-type"):

inherit | sun | moon | hebrew | japanese | <...>


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