[whatwg] Interleaved repetition blocks

Mark Schenk css at markschenk.com
Thu Jul 1 03:50:45 PDT 2004

On Thu, 01 Jul 2004 10:51:02 +0200, Mark Schenk <css at markschenk.com> wrote:

> What I understood from the spec is that only "repetition blocks" (not  
> orphan ones) can have working add buttons inside the repetition block.  
> This would result in those buttons also being present in the "orphan  
> repetition blocks" but then being disabled. That is ugly.
> With the new repeat-template attribute, it would also be possible to  
> have working add buttons inside orphan repetition blocks, because it can  
> now be easily determined which template to clone. This would allow much  
> more flexible addition of templates.

Never mind the above bits, I read in the working draft that the definition  
of "orphan repetition block" has been updated accordingly.

> A major problem this brings is the numbering of the "index" value for  
> the repetition blocks. This would have to be dynamically updated to all  
> of the same repetition blocks.
> This leads me to another question: why don't the index values changes  
> when moving the repetition blocks up/down? That kind of defeats the  
> purpose of the auto-numbering of the name attributes, as the order in  
> the markup will differ from the index numbering.

These questions still apply.


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