[whatwg] Re: several messages

voracity subs at voracity.org
Thu Jul 1 05:48:50 PDT 2004

I was preparing a lengthy reply to this, but Ian appears to have dealt with
almost everything (and I agree with him that context menus and datalists are
very different concepts).

Matthew Raymond wrote:

 > This sounds like we're making up complex markup rules for the webmasters to
 > memorize. The <option> elements are supposed to be inside a <select> element,
 > but only when dealing with legacy-UAs. You can use some elements inside
 > <datalist>, like <label> and <select>, but not others. You can use |data| to
 > load options into a |select|, but not when the <select> is inside a
 > <datalist>. "I" before "E" except after "C". While my <cl> + repetition
 > template solution was a bit longer and repeated the option list, it never
 > introduced this many rules to keep track of.

It isn't that difficult. Ian's first possibility is an <input>, and the 
<datalist> is a list of suggestions. The second possibility is _exactly_ the 
same from a WF2 perspective, except that you also get to provide a list for 
legacy UAs.

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