[whatwg] Save a web page

voracity subs at voracity.org
Fri Jul 2 03:43:39 PDT 2004

Lachlan Hunt wrote:

> voracity wrote:
>> I want something like Tools->Save Current State As. (And that's the 
>> *only* time something like onSave should trigger.)
>   That is still something that the user agent should handle.  How is 
> supposed to save the current state, if the author has the ability to 
> modify the document's current state before doing so?

I see. You're concerned that an author will offer a document/program on the 
condition that the user can only save with it in a certain way.

I can't comment on whether that kind of protection is the responsibility of the 
spec authors. It is very different to preventing malicious attacks that 
interfere with the user's existing data, or preventing lazy or uninformed 
authors from blocking out legacy users unnecessarily. It seems to support a 
philosophical position, and others are better qualified to argue for or against 
it. Or perhaps I've misinterpreted?

 >  Also, would
> modificatoins only affect the saved document, or would it affect the 
> document as they're viewing it?

The document as they're viewing it.

Note that my original thought about how this would work (before the possibility 
of onSave was raised on this list) was that the UA would serialise the DOM tree 
out to markup, AND it would store the value of all script variables. I'd still 
be happy with that.

However an onSave would mean the document author could optimise the save 
function to only save the required script variables, so that file size doesn't 
blow out. The downside is that the author has to work out what to save and how.

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