[whatwg] Web Controls 1.0 and dependancy on XBL 2.0

Matthew Raymond mattraymond at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 2 05:38:40 PDT 2004

    I've been thinking about Web Controls 1.0, and I'm wondering if we 
should wait for W3C to complete work on XBL 2.0 before starting major 
work on the Web Controls 1.0 specification. We have early drafts of the 
XBL2/sXBL spec, and we have existing technologies like XBL 1.0 and HTC. 
Perhaps we should start building a spec around those three technologies 
(with the XBL 1.0 and HTC implementations as optional) and just adjust 
the spec as changes are made in XBL 2.0. In that way, even if XBL 2.0 
goes nowhere, we'll still have XBL 1.0 and HTC to fall back on, and we'd 
be in a position to revive XBL 2.0 spec work should W3C give up on it.

    This approach would allow us to develop concepts that can be 
prototyped immediately in existing technologies. This early work can 
then be applied to the final XBL 2.0 spec when it becomes available.

    I do feel that work on WC1 should not begin until Web Forms 2.0 and 
Web Apps 1.0 are mature specifications. However, should our own 
specification efforts outpace those of the W3C, we should act accordingly.

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