[whatwg] new idea for web browser standard

Jason Lustig jasonlustig at adelphia.net
Fri Jul 2 14:22:57 PDT 2004

Ryan Johnson wrote:

> I believe that would be the job of the web server
> though, and not the markup language. Can anyone shed a little more light 
> on this?

I don't think that Joshua meant that it should be in the ML, rather it 
should be a standard thing that UAs do.....

However, it still presents a possible "privacy problem" for some of the 
tinfoilhat-wearing users. And it wouldn't have the ability to stay 
across sessions, which is where cookies are useful.

Really though, practically you just need to tell your users that they 
need to stop being paranoid in-the-darkniks, and let their browser 
accept cookies, even if they have to approve each one. Any problems with 
other sites accessing cookies that they shouldn't be allowed to is a 
problem with the UA's security model, not cookies.

The idea of going around the internet without cookies or some other way 
of identification - i.e. 100% anonymity, having no identity - is 
impossible and doesn't let you do cool stuff. How would you like to walk 
around every day without a face? The internet isn't like browsing the 
stacks in a library the second you start interacting with other people.


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