[whatwg] Suggestion: <ignore> element.

Dave Hodder dmh at dmh.org.uk
Mon Jul 5 14:18:59 PDT 2004

Matthew Raymond wrote:


>    Using this method, you don't have to add in code that checks for WF2. 
> You simply encapsulate the <script> element in <ignore> and it becomes 
> inactive.

Sounds good to me, although quite what is being <ignore>d seems a little 
ambiguous from the name of the element.  It seems very similiar to the 
various <noscript>, <noembed>, <noframes> type tags -- so perhaps it 
could have a more descriptive name, e.g. <nowebforms version="2.0"> or 
<nowebforms2> or similiar?

(Just a thought.)



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