[whatwg] Suggestions: <select datalist> and the functionality of the |for| attribute.

Matthew Raymond mattraymond at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 7 08:16:37 PDT 2004

    I am, for the moment, withdrawing my support for my previous 
suggestions regarding various methods of selecting and hiding general 
markup (<ignore>, <fallback>, et cetera). I do, however, continue to 
disapprove of the <datalist> element, so I therefore make the two 
following suggestions:

A) A new property be added to select called "datalist". When this 
property is set, the <select> will not be rendered or submitted, but its 
option list can still be called by the |list| attribute we discussed in 
previous threads.

B) Any <label> with a |for| attribute whose value is the ID of an <input 
type="hidden"> or <select datalist> element should be automatically hidden.

    As a result of the above, you could create a degradable combo box in 
the following manner:

<input type="text" name="combo1" list="myList" value="default">
<label for="myList"> or select from the list: </label>
<select datalist name="combo1" id="myList">
   <option>Item 1</option>
   <option>Item 2</option>
   <option>Item 3</option>

1) No new elements are introduced.
2) It makes sense that labels for hidden controls should also be hidden.
3) This is easier to follow than the <datalist> combo box solution.
4) The only differences between pure legacy markup and WF2 degradable 
markup are the additions of the |list| and |datalist| attributes.

1) A new attribute is introduced: |datalist|.
2) The behavior of the |for| attribute is changed.

    I think this handles all the major combo box implementation issues. 
Let me know if there is something I failed to consider.

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