[whatwg] Suggestion: Implementation of Tabbed Forms

fantasai fantasai.lists at inkedblade.net
Thu Jul 8 06:07:57 PDT 2004

Matthew Raymond wrote:

> Lachlan Hunt wrote:
>>> <div type="groupset" id="firefox-options">
>>>   <div type="group">
>>>     ...
>>   No, as I [1], and Anne van Kesteren [2] wrote previously, the type 
>> attribute should not be used for anything except specifying the 
>> content type of an external resource and the control type for input 
>> elements.
>    It it the |type| attribute you object to, or using an attribute for 
> declaring semantic relationship between the children of the <div> 
> element? I was attempting to create a solution that could theoretically 
> degrade into your earlier tabs example.

DocBook uses a 'role' attribute for such things.



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