[whatwg] DOCTYPE shouldn't be optional (fwd)

Matthew Raymond mattraymond at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 9 08:15:38 PDT 2004

Jim Ley wrote:
>>>No, because WF2 is only relevant to legacy clients, and legacy clients
>>>mostly only support text/html.
>>   I think you're forgetting the WF2 clients that support XHTML. 
> No, but even the authors and WHAT WG members don't recommend using it,
> and those user agents also support HTML 4.01, so there's no reason to
> being serving XHTML WF to them.  The HTML WF will work just the same.

    I recall no such statements being made by WHAT WG members on this 
mailing list, and nothing in the Web Forms 2.0 draft to support such a 
conclusion. In fact, there are probably hundreds of instances of the 
term "XHTML" in the WF2 draft.

>>I believe Mozilla, Opera and Safari all support XHTML, so why would
>>employees of these companies define a standard that requires them to
>>treat HTML and XHTML differently?
> Because they already have to be and are being treated differently.

    This is in direct contradiction with Ian Hickson's statements on the 
same issue.

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