[whatwg] Re: some issues

Malcolm Rowe malcolm-what at farside.org.uk
Sun Jul 11 06:14:48 PDT 2004

Replying to myself: 

> Now, this situation ('styling of 
> form controls is not defined') clearly isn't ideal, and it's 
> well-understood that it should be defined, but the WF2 spec isn't the 
> right place. I think that Ian commented on where the right place was, 
> though I can't remember what he said (I think it was either one of the 
> other two WHATWG specs, or as part of the W3C CSS WG). 

It's the W3C CSS working group: 

"Styling form controls 

The CSS working group is expected to develop a language designed, amongst 
other things, for the advanced styling of form controls. In the meantime, 
technologies such as [HTC] and [XBL] can be used as guides for what is 
 -- whatwg.org/specs/web-forms/current-work/#styling 


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