[whatwg] Seperation of Content and Interface

dolphinling dolphinling at myrealbox.com
Sun Jul 11 13:28:28 PDT 2004

Joshua Wise wrote:
> So, my opinion is that new "content" and "layout" languages need to be
> designed to solve this problem. 

You want XHTML2 and CSS3, which are currently being worked on by the W3C.

> Obviously that is only my opinion - I am
> sure that there are other people on the list who may wish to argue in favor
> of HTML. Feel free to convince me that HTML is the right way to stay - after
> all, almost everything supports it (or at least to some extent).

The reason that we're working on new things with HTML is that browsers
don't support XHTML2 or CSS3 yet, and they won't for years and years to
come. Even when they do, if large numbers of people still use IE, web
page authors won't be able to design with the new technologies because
IE won't be updated to use them (at least, according to Microsoft, which
says it won't even have XHTML1 and CSS2.1 support in Longhorn).

So what we're doing here is making HTML more useful in the meantime by
providing things that are easy to implement and will degrade nicely in
IE/other older browsers.

(oops, forgot to cc this the first time. Sorry for sending it twice to 
you, Josh :-(  )

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