[whatwg] Re: Doctype FPI

Malcolm Rowe malcolm-what at farside.org.uk
Tue Jul 13 06:02:20 PDT 2004

Jim Ley writes:
> +//IDN whatwg.org//Web Forms2//EN 
> Personally I prefer the registered through domain name method, rather
> than unregistered with WHATWG in it, I think it's neater.

Oh, that's much better. I didn't even realise that was possible[1]. 

With that in mind, I'd like to change my proposal to
"+//IDN whatwg.org//DTD HTML 4.01 plus Web Forms 2.0//EN" 

As Hixie and Jim have both mentioned, it's likely to change when it's 

If we want to be able to refer to a particular version, we can provide both 
'specific', dated, versions, and also a 'latest' version, like the W3C do 
with the following HTML DTDs: 

* 'Latest' HTML 4.0 DTD (currently HTML 4.01):
* Specific HTML 4.0 DTD (HTML 4.01):
* Specific HTML 4.0 DTD (HTML 4.0):


[1] It's defined at http://www.y12.doe.gov/sgml/wg8/document/1960.htm, 
section 'K.4.6 Internet domain names in public identifiers', in case anyone 
else is trying to find the source.

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