[whatwg] Enough with the copyright notices!!!

Matthew Raymond mattraymond at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 15 05:52:54 PDT 2004

    I would ask that people turn off the copyright notice signatures 
unless those sigs specifically grant the contents of the email into the 
public domain or otherwise allow unrestricted public use. Many of these 
signatures place restrictions on the use of the email that violate the 
spirit of an open process, and I believe that in some cases these sigs 
may even cause the mailing list archive to be in violation of copyright law.

    If you choose to use a copyright notice sig, please use one tailored 
specifically for the WHAT WG mailing list, and please ensure that the 
notice does not impair the use of your emails in a public forum. If you 
wish to communicate private or confidential information, please email 
people directly and do not sent emails containing this information to 
the mailing list.

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