[whatwg] Re: OT: (X)HTML and design of site

Franck Quélain shift at free.fr
Mon Jul 19 10:07:25 PDT 2004

Selon Malcolm Rowe <malcolm-what at farside.org.uk>:
> Either way, the answer is the same: The browser that currently has the
> largest market share by far does not support XHTML. There is no reason to
> design a site (or spec) around a technology that cannot be used by the
> majority of your readership, when an 'older' technology works perfectly well
> for _all_ readers.

XHTML work perfectly with all browsers (Internet Explorer included).
The problem just come from the support of the content-type application/xhtml+xml
send in the HTTP Header. Internet Explorer don't support it.

W3C recommandation is to use application/xhtml+xml for serving XHTML 1.0 but you
can use text/html if you want. the obligation of serving XHTML with
application/xml+xhtml appeared only in the 1.1 version of XHTML.

So actually you can use XHTML instead of HTML and it works very well for all my
websites. Internet Explorer is more preoccupated by my CSS than by my XHTML :)

Remember that XHTML is just an XMLization of HTML.


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