[whatwg] Re: OT: (X)HTML and design of site

Anne van Kesteren (fora) fora at annevankesteren.nl
Mon Jul 19 11:51:53 PDT 2004

> XHTML work perfectly with all browsers (Internet Explorer included). 
> The problem just come from the support of the content-type
> application/xhtml+xml send in the HTTP Header. Internet Explorer
> don't support it.

And you needs that MIME type.


> W3C recommandation is to use application/xhtml+xml for serving XHTML
> 1.0 but you can use text/html if you want. the obligation of serving
> XHTML with application/xml+xhtml appeared only in the 1.1 version of

Since when does the W3C say anything authorative about MIME types? I
would rather trust the IETF, who say you have to use a XML MIME type.

> So actually you can use XHTML instead of HTML and it works very well
> for all my websites. Internet Explorer is more preoccupated by my CSS
> than by my XHTML :)

In that case you would use invalid HTML, not XHTML.

> Remember that XHTML is just an XMLization of HTML.

Remember that XML has well-formdness rules were HTML has not and that
those rules are heavily complicated and apply to XHTML as well.


  Anne van Kesteren

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