[whatwg] File Upload Control

Smith, Rolland Rolland.Smith at SPR.DOE.GOV
Tue Jul 20 14:30:52 PDT 2004

In the past while trying to FULLY customize a UI with CSS the file
upload control has been very reluctant to cooperate in addition to the
nature of its display in that the text box for the filename is part of
the Browse button that is used to search for files desired to upload.
What my suggestion/request is, is that the file upload control be fully
customizable by CSS just as the regular form textboxes are. Furthermore
if there was a way to style the button and the textbox separately that
would be an extreme help, as well as making the browse button an IMAGE
instead of the standard text display button with a gray background and
just "Browse" on it.
Also, as I read the current draft spec (correct me if I'm wrong), but it
says to me that in the new spec you'd be able to specify a Number of
files to upload per file upload control. Does this mean that for
whatever number is entered (say 3) that we'd see 3 textboxes/browse
buttons for 3 file uploads and that each of those must be (validation
built-in?) filled out with a proper file path to an existing file? I
would think that the validation should be an option that could be
toggled on and off and when it is "OFF" that it is not required that you
must have 3 files attached and that the user could specify only 1 if
they wanted to. If I have this right, the way the draft spec is
currently written you'd be improving on the control (allowing more files
to be selected/uploaded per upload control) while causing a bit of
undesired functionality (once the number of files is specified THAT many
files are required to be entered) at the same time.
Review of suggestions/requests:
*	Make the file upload control fully customizable by CSS as the
regular textboxes are
*	Possibly allow the textbox and Browse button to be treated
separately maintaining GLOBAL or individual properties with regards to
regular HTML type properties and CSS properties.
*	Allow upload of more than one file per upload control, but do
not force the number of files specified to be required and instead offer
a validation option that would either force this or allow it to be any
number of files within the specified range (i.e.: 4 is specified; allow
1 to 4 files; not requiring a minimum of 4)

Hope this makes some people think! Interested in hearing back from you.

Rolland Smith
DynMcDermott for the 
Strategic Petroleum Reserve
 <<Picture (Metafile)>> 

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