[whatwg] RE: pattern attribute

Wrigley, Ave Ave.Wrigley at itn.co.uk
Thu Jul 22 03:56:32 PDT 2004

> Wrigley, Ave writes:
> > 1. What is the motivation behind the implicit ^ and $ 
> (start and end 
> > of string metacharacters)?
> Just on this point, see, for example, 

Thanks for pointing that out - sorry for repeating a previous thread!

> In summary:
> * Whole-pattern matches appears to be significantly more common.
> * Forms-design applications that support patterns usually make the
pattern a 
> whole-pattern rather than substring match.

I take the point - but I am not sure I understand why the case for whole
pattern over substring matched differs between when they appear in a
form and when they appear in a script (where substring matching is more
common). Is this just an historical artifact, or is there a more
fundamental reason? In any case, isn't this a case of supporting one of
two alternative sources of consistency - consistency with other form
interfaces, and consistency with the existing scripting enviromnent
(where client-side validation is currently implemented)?
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