[whatwg] Document Type Definition (DTD) for Web Forms 2.0 - Draft 1

fantasai fantasai.lists at inkedblade.net
Thu Jul 22 15:03:44 PDT 2004

1st cut. Based on current (2004/07/22) draft of Web Forms 2.0

   <!DOCTYPE HTML SYSTEM "http://syntax.whatwg.org/sgml/html5core+wf2/pre1/dtd">

If something validates that shouldn't, let me know.
If something doesn't validate that should, let me know.
If you are writing documents that use WF2 syntax, I'd like
to use a copy for the regression tests I'm planning to set
up. Sending me a copy before you fix any validation errors
would also be helpful, as I need a collection of invalid
documents to fail as well as a collection of valid ones to
pass. :)



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