[whatwg] Document Type Definition (DTD) for Web Forms 2.0 - Draft 1

fantasai fantasai.lists at inkedblade.net
Fri Jul 23 01:32:17 PDT 2004

Michael wrote:
> Greetings fantasai,
> Methinks you missed a couple semi-colons...
> <!ENTITY % InputType
>    %Buttons | %TypedInput; | %RepeatButtons )"
> should be...
>  %Buttons; | %TypedInput; | %RepeatButtons; )"

Oops. Fixed.

> Just my opinion -- you could kill the fontstyle entity. ;-)

Removing <TT> might be an option. I'm leaving in B and I under the
reasoning given in
   | So if you want to use bold or italics, and HTML doesn’t have
   | a semantic element for what you mean, use b or i. If you’re
   | not sure which semantic element to use, use b or i. And if
   | you’re creating an authoring tool for people who won’t know
   | or care about semantics, please leave the semantic markup
   | alone, and just stick to b and i.

As for <small> (and /maybe/ <big>), we might have some other plans for it...

> Something that made no sense to me in the HTML 4.01 DTD: events on
> link and noscript elements.  Not sure how the repeat attributes
 > apply to these elements.

Hmm. I'd leave events on link because you can use CSS to make
it visible.

Ian, do we want to remove events on noscript?



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