[whatwg] Re: media types

Erik Arvidsson erik at eae.net
Mon Jul 26 15:23:22 PDT 2004

Jonny Axelsson wrote:
>> Hmm. Would this make it easy for authors to prevent pages from being  
>> printed? I wouldn't want that.
> Neither would I. You could do this today with your dirty hack below. 
> The  obvious workaround would be to turn off JavaScript. That could be  
> countered by making the entire page document.write (or equivalent), 
> which  wouldn't be a problem until we reevaluated the behaviours.

This can be achieved easily today using

@media print {
    * {
       display: none !important;

> If this turns out to be a non-hypothetical problem, we would have an  
> arsenal of methods to counteract this, including printing pages using 
> the  screen medium.

That is one way to get around this.

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