[whatwg] Re: Suggestion: Web-IE6 Specification

Matthew Raymond spacedog at planetquake.com
Sat Jun 5 19:59:03 PDT 2004

R.J. Keller wrote:
> I don't agree with this idea. I know where you're coming from, but this 
> looks like more of a compilation of data than an actual specification. 

    Well, the whole point would be to have a spec that mirrors the W3C 
recommendations, et cetera. For example, say you're working on some CSS 
and you want to use a properties from a W3C spec, but you don't know if 
it's supported. You could just go to the CSS section of Web-IE6, and it 
would specify whether the properties is implemented in IE and whether it 
behaves according to the W3C specification.

> Maybe I'm misinterpreting, but I think that it'd be better to have a 
> specification that would cover all of IE's proprietary.add-ons 
> (document.all, for example) and not list specifically which 
> specifications are implemented in IE and which are not (Microsoft 
> probably has something about this already).

    I would be surprised if Microsoft had a compiled list of how their 
browser is NOT compliant. If Microsoft has this information at all, it's 
scattered about throughout MSDN.

 > However, it's probably not
> the best thing to do considering most proprietary IE add-ons can usually 
> be implemented using a W3C or WHAT WG recommended specification.

    Even if the proprietary add-ons did something that couldn't be done 
in W3C/WHAT WG specs, would you honestly want to advertise extensions 
that you have no intention of putting into a WHAT WG spec?

    I can understand, though, if there isn't a lot of support for my 
idea. It's a lot of work with very little glory. Meanwhile, I'm working 
hard on my next specification suggestion...

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