[whatwg] about rich internat applications

Dean Edwards dean at edwards.name
Tue Jun 8 00:51:19 PDT 2004

Erik Arvidsson wrote:
> The main issue with getting HTCs to emulate XBL is that I've yet to come 
> up with a good way to implement anonymous content for IE and anonymous 
> content is one of the cornerstones for XBL. Do you have any ideas in 
> this area?

hi erik,

i do have an idea about anonymous content. it means taking advantage of 
a microsoft bug. it's not a pretty solution but it doesn't make explorer 
any uglier. i haven't totally proved the concept yet so i won't go into 
details here. we can take this offline if you want to discuss it.

> Element behaviors might be the best way to achieve this but they are too 
> heavy weight to be of real use (one document per element). Another 

i haven't used element behaviors so i can't comment. they look scary...

> alternative is to override the DOM methods/properties on the element but 
> this will not hide the content if accessed using interfaces provided by 
> other objects.

i agree overriding dom methods is impractical.

i'm not sure how much dependence there is on generated content for web 
forms 2 (i really ought to read the spec properly). but you will have 
this problem whether or not the component is defined in xbl.

a more general observation about explorer. the main (technical) problem 
is not extending the interfaces of (x)html elements - behaviors are good 
at that. the problem is supporting the proposed css enhancements. the 
only way to do that (that i know of) is to load and parse the style 
sheets your self. any one have a better idea how to support the proposed 
css enhancements on a microsoft platform?


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