[whatwg] about rich internat applications

Brad Neuberg bkn3 at columbia.edu
Tue Jun 8 09:45:50 PDT 2004

>a more general observation about explorer. the main (technical) problem is 
>not extending the interfaces of (x)html elements - behaviors are good at 
>that. the problem is supporting the proposed css enhancements. the only 
>way to do that (that i know of) is to load and parse the style sheets your 
>self. any one have a better idea how to support the proposed css 
>enhancements on a microsoft platform?

One possibility might be to transform the web app specs on the serverside 
into something that IE 6 can run, rather than attempt to create an 
emulation layer on the client side, which could be buggy and slow.  We 
could release opensource modules that do this for many of the popular 
server side systems, such as a set of JSP taglibs for JSP, tags for PHP, 
etc.  We could also release a good set of unit tests to ensure that what is 
generated is consistent across the different implementations.

Brad Neuberg

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