[whatwg] about rich internat applications

Dean Edwards dean at edwards.name
Tue Jun 8 13:03:39 PDT 2004

Preston St. Pierre wrote:
> I joined this mailing list to be sure that a "regular" programmer is 
> around. Too many times standards groups get lost in speculation and 
> end up with something that isn't usable.

i'm also a "regular" programmer. and i've had to implement a forms 
solution on a huge corporate (pwc) intranet. independently i came up 
with many of the enhancements that are covered by the web forms spec. so 
this group must be doing something right.
this is an open group. so feel free to influence things. you don't have
to keep an eye on us! ;-)

> As far as I'm concerned, client side technology is too insecure. When
> the user's browser chooses how to interpret my code, it may come up
> with a different result than I had intended. Server side, I know the
> worst it can do is morph how my page looks.

personally, i favour a lightweight client-side solution 
(behaviors/xbl/javascript) which can be *enhanced* with server-side 
technology (xslt, jsp, php). i suppose i should give reasons really...
but intuitively this seems right. but i appreciate that experience has 
taught you to rely on solid server-side solutions to most problems. this 
is completely understandable considering the cross-browser mess we're 
in. :-(


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