[whatwg] Loading custom XML UI definitions from an external file

Preston St. Pierre webmaster at aparadine.com
Wed Jun 9 10:30:19 PDT 2004

Brad Neuberg <bkn3 at columbia.edu> wrote:
> I just don't think it is realistic to create the kind of emulation layer 
> needed for IE 6 to support whatever system we create without 
> JavaScript.  Note that this doesn't mean that the programmer who is using 
> this standard needs to use JavaScript, it is just that the emulation layer 
> itself will definently need JavaScript.

I have nothing against using JavaScript as a language. What I have a problem with is those who have it disabled on the client side. Server side is the *only* way to have it work on all clients. Everyone here is worried about it not being on all servers - well get real. It doesn't *have* to be on all servers. It only has to be on the server that you use. So if the standard is good, and people want to use it on the server side, they will never have to be worried about their clients not being able to access the site.

Everyone here is overlooking that. 100% reliability by parsing on the server side is better than the 95% we can get on the browser side.

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