[whatwg] repetition model

Dean Edwards dean at edwards.name
Thu Jun 10 03:39:48 PDT 2004

i've been looking at the repetition model. my first thought is that i
really like it. i've coded similar things recently (dynamic tables with
a template row). so this looks like a big time-saver. it will also reduce
the volume of code required to support things like dynamic tables.
the model seems to capture everything i've coded in the past and more.
it includes support for binding controls to tabular data so that you can 
quickly and easily modify a table. cool.

but i have some reservations. i'm confused by the <repeat> element. this 
is the first time i've seen such a construct in an xml language. if this 
kind of construct is normal, please ignore  the rest of my comments and 
direct me to a suitable resource so i can do some reading!

my main reservation is that, for the first time, my DOM does not look
exactly like my markup. now i have this "repeat" element. does it show 
up in the DOM? presumably generated rows and form controls do.

can i do this?

will that throw an error?

it seems like the <repeat> element is more like a programming 
instruction than real content. this takes (X)HTML in a new direction.

imho, something like the <repeat> construct belongs in the realm of 
jsp/asp/php. maybe this functionality can be included as a DOM method 
for completeness?

as i say, this is my only reservation about the repetition model, which 
otherwise is the most powerful feature of web forms 2.


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