[whatwg] Menubars and phishing

Didier PH Martin martind at netfolder.com
Thu Jun 10 06:38:04 PDT 2004

Hi Ian,

> For popup windows I think the best plan is probably to have "fake" popup
> windows that are basically just position <div>s (which can be resized,
> etc, but are restricted to the content area of the parent Web page). So
> that's not a big problem. The big problem is how to handle menus on the
> primary top-level Web application window.

In that case, please take note that most of the browsers, for instance
Mozilla and IE (don't know for Opera) a div cannot be displayed on top of a
iframe or frame element. This is because iframes or frames are system
windows and div areas inside a window. The solution is then to use iframes
(child of the document's page) to display pop up or simply to have a popup
window object as in IE. Don't neglect the fact that I may have a layout
including an iframe and I want the pop up window to be displayable on top of
it. The problem is not that trivial....

> In fact, on Mac, there is no per-window menu bar, and there is no way that
> Web apps will ever have access to the top-level menu bar, so come to think
> of it menu bars in general are out.
> How should Web applications provide their feature access points?
> Any suggestions on how to handle this would be welcome.

Gee that's a tough problem Ian, I am still thinking about it....

Didier PH Martin

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