[whatwg] Suggestion for a Specification: XUL Basic

Ian Hickson ian at hixie.ch
Thu Jun 10 12:18:23 PDT 2004

On Thu, 10 Jun 2004, Jose Dinuncio wrote:
> I think I've understood the reason of our divergences. If I interpret
> you rightly, the problem is that a intranet user is visiting a insecure
> site inside the intranet and a web app pops up and he is fooled to use
> this app.

Right. Where "insecure" doesn't mean it has any way of doing anything
actively hostile, it just fakes the user into entering his credit card
details, for example.

> The scenario I have in mind is another one: you need to do your job
> using several well known web apps in your intranet. You know that the
> CRM apps is at http://mydoamin.com/crm. That's it: navigation vs. app
> delivery.

Oh, I totally understand the requirement.

>> Presentational markup is very bad for accessibility. Whatever language
>> you use, you would want it to be semantic. And luckily we have this
>> semantic language right here and already supported in several
>> browsers... HTML. :-)

> Ok. But if web apps outside the browser are to be implemented, it would
> be necessary a way to attach info to the window (again, menu bar,
> control bar, status bar, close button...)

Yeah, those would just be extensions to HTML in web-apps 1.0.

>> No but it will tell you whether the application is from www.paypal.com
>> or hostile.intranet.example.com, even if the actual content looks
>> identical in both.
> Security by browser chrome doesn't seem the way to go.

How would you do it then?

> I'm trying to keep open a path to WAOB. I think this feature can play an
> important role in the future of this project.

I agree.

One possibility would be for the application to be able to "request" WAOB
status, maybe using an attribute or something:

   <html application="application">

...and this would pop up a dialog box saying:

   :: Security Warning :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
   |                                                     |
   | The Web page at this domain:                        |
   |                                                     |
   |    paypcl.com                                       |
   |                                                     |
   | ...wishes to launch an application in a separate    |
   | window. Do you trust this domain?                   |
   |                                                     |
   | [x] Remember this decision.                         |
   |                                                     |
   |     (( Trust paypcl.com ))  ( Display as Web page ) |
   |                                                     |

What do people think? Would this solve the problem?

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