[whatwg] input[type="add"]?

Dean Edwards dean at edwards.name
Thu Jun 10 15:36:31 PDT 2004

Erik Arvidsson wrote:

> Hello,
> Would it not be better to limit the repetition buttons to <button> since 
> that would be backwards compatible. In a non-conforming user agent 
> inputs with unrecognized type attributes are usually treated as 
> type="text" and would therefore be a lot harder to work with. For 
> <button> one can easily add an onclick (DOMActivate) and do the logic 
> using javascript but if <input> is allowed this will make it a lot harder.
> What is the main reason for supporting both input and button?
> erik
this is true. it might be better to add an attribute to 
input[type=button] to determine the action of the button. that way a 
smart browser could hook off the "action" attribute. a dumb browser 
would display an inactive button.

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